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Acmegraph Checklist

Posted by David Shedlock on

The Acmegraph Company @ 18-350 W Jackson Blvd of Chicago, Illiinos, manufactured and published quality postcards.during the divided back-era  (1907-1914) Most of the cards had a distinctive red font. Some are not labeled Acmegraph but were published for other companies such as Woolworth's. Some are not numbered.

Lamoni IA Reorganized Latter Day Saints, Graceland College (No Number)

Columbus OH Starling College & St Francis Hospital #10 in Columbus Series

Chicago IL Armour Institute #739

Marshalltown IA Elk's Building & Cafe #4408

Marshalltown IA US Post Office    #4406

Marshalltown IA Soldiers Home: Quartermaster's Building #4414

Milwaukee WI Pabst Brewery  #4439

Sioux City IA Logan Park Cemetery Arch Entrance    #4504

Minneapolis MN Westminster Presbyterian Church #4872

Iowa City IA College of Dentistry (Iowa University) #5678

Iowa City (University of Iowa) IA College of Applied Science  #5681

Chautauqua NY Miller Bell Tower in Shade & Pier House #9639

Cedar Rapids IA High School   #9744

Marshalltown IA Soldiers Home Log Cabin #10267

Kansas City MO Main St, North of 12th (May Sterns Clothing Store)    #10481 

Kansas City MO 12th & Main, Jones Department Store, Chapman's #10483

Springfield IL Ladies w/Victorian Hats Above Overflow Dam    #12880

Bethlehem PA High School #12928

New Orleans LA Mill Race in Metairie Cemetery Gravestones   #12951 

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