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Other Townview Postcard Publishers, Dealers & Photographers

Posted by David Shedlock on

Here is a checkist of Publishing Companies, Dealers and Photographers of American townview postcards listed. Most publishers names are found on the back side (address side)

  1. Acmegraph
  2. A H Co (c1910)
  3. Albertype, Brooklyn
  4. ANC Special Colored, New York (Printed in France)
  5. Beauttell Brothers of Dubuque Iowa (c1915)
  6. Colourpicture, Boston, MA (Plasticolor, Shinicolor 1950s)
  7. LL Cook (Real Photos)
  8. Curteich (Previously Curt Teich, 1900-1978) CT was the most prolific company in printings postcard since the turn of the 20th century.The most sought after cards are the Large Letter Linens (LLL)- which placed different scenes within the letters of the city. There are checklists available. We currently have almost 400 large letter cards (Various publishers, some chrome or earlier eras) here and hundreds more in our Ebay store
  9. Detroit Publishing (1898-1907) These were quality divided-back era with white borders. Copyright date is usually for the image rather than the postcard itself. A chart is available for dating your postcards from this publisher. They are sometimes labeled "Phostin"
  10. Dexter (1940s-70s) Linens and 1940s Chromes often have a beige border, which adds to the appearance
  11. L MDowns (Lincoln, Nebraska)
  12. V O Hammom Publishing (Chicago)
  13. Kropp
  14. Metropolitan News (1909)
  15. Portland Post Card Co (Seattle) 1909
  16. Philadelphia Post Card Co (1907)
  17. F M Swallow (Quality postcards, 1907)
  18. Tichner Brothers of Boston MassachusettsL Linen Era (1930-1950s
  19. Tuck: Numbered by Series, a Tuck Database lists over 9000 US Views. Theis company also did foreign cards from 100s of countries as well scores of topics.
  20. Wright, Barret & Stilwell CO St Paul, Minnesota
  21. M Zircher Book & Stationery



  1. Dewolf C Thompson, Vineyard Haven, MA


Local and Corporate Dealers & Distributors

  1. H L Bemis,Williamstown, MA
  2. E E Labadie, Kalamazoo Michigan
  3. Parker New Agency
  4. Red Cross Drug Store, Chelan, Washington
  5. Charles H Seddon, Providence, Rhode Island
  6. F W Woolworth's

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