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About Us

 David and Judy Shedlock

Welcome to Refried Jeans. We've been selling postcards on eBay for 20 years. We sell postcards because we love postcards: We love the history, the geography, the art, the images. If we can't own them all we can at least let them run through our fingers as they find their way back to the place they belong...your place. We understand when you buy a postcard it's for a reason: the image is a part of you, your town, your memories, where your grandparents worked, lived, raised a family. 

Our business started way back when David was rebuilding a childhood memory. Looking on eBay, he bid on and won a postcard of Storybook Forest, an amusement park in Pennsylvania he visited as a child. We were hooked. Collecting led immediately to selling. Although already selling collectibles, Judy took one look at David's purchase and exclaimed, "I can do that!" Two days later, David came home toting a hundred or so postcards, bought at Pappy's, our local antique mall.

The years have passed and the business has grown along with our family. David had a stroke seven years ago and other family members have come in to help us continue to grow and thrive...and survive. Josiah and Angie, along with their son Dalton, run the shipping department. Alice, Linda & Sanne do foundational ad work. Our son and newest employee, Samuel, well he does whatever we need him to.

The name, you ask? Refried Jeans? Twenty years ago we opened a brick and mortar children's clothing resale shop. We decided to sparsely add in some adult apparel, team sweatshirts and blue jeans. What to call such a strange mix? Well, it was re-sale, so we needed to key in on re-doing, re-using things, doing something again, we needed a rhyme, of course, and we needed to identify our product. Tossing out an endless parade of possibilities, David shouted "Refried Jeans!" And Judy laughed and said, "That's it!" The store is long gone, the name has nothing whatsoever to do with postcards, but we've loved it then and still do. 

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